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Unbound – the future of publishing?

Posted on 05 November 2011 by Alice

I’m not sure why I’ve only just heard about Unbound, but it’s going to be the future of publishing. In much the same way as the music industry has taken note, publishers may soon be a thing of the past as the middle-men are cut out of the industry all together.

The future of publishing?

Unbound has been described as a ‘cross between Dragon’s Den and the X-Factor’ – just for book writers. Authors make a video, explaining why they should be published and then members of the public invest in their work. Dan Kieran, co-founder of Unbound, told Sky News: “Unless you are an established writer, a celebrity, or have a TV tie in, it’s very hard to get any space in the book shop.”

He’s right. Not only is it difficult to get into a book shop, but the book shops themselves are slowly going out of busi

Terry Jones (Monty Python) is the first writer to have ‘Evil Machines’ published through the site.

“I loved the idea of authors pitching a book they’d

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love to write and readers saying yes I like the sound of that. Split profits 50/50 with you,” he told Sky News.

Unbound Books to Fund

The news channel explains more:

In a traditional publishing deal, after printing and marketing costs and a cut for the publisher and retailer, writers can earn as little as 10p a book.

The next book to be published is Crushed Mexican Spiders by Booker Prize nominee Tibor Fischer, and best-selling author Kate Mosse has funding to write about the history of Chichester Theatre – a personal passion.

Right. I’m off to find my video camera…

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