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Goodbye RSI

Posted on 12 April 2011 by Alice

Thank goodness for modern keyboards, right? Well yes, if you’re concerned about RSI (repetitive strain injury) typing on a typewriter like the one below, would never exactly be good for your wrists.


The 1905 Hammond 12 typewriter

This is one of a selection of wonderful pics in a gallery on Slate, courtesy from the Milwaukee Public Museum, USA.

I learned to touch type on a typewriter and when I migrated to a computer, a lot of the letters came out as doubles on the screen – because I¬†was pressing so hard. An ancient old lady from my village gave me and my younger sister typing lessons after school, placing a piece of paper over our hands so we couldn’t see the keys. I’m also told that there were training typewriters that didn’t have any letters printed on them at all! There would be no escaping from the teacher if you hadn’t practiced…

And now for something completely different. Composer Leroy Anderson (1908-1975) perhaps made his most famous composition with The Typewriter in 1950. The Typewriter became an orchestral instrument and the composition is still used on radio programmes around the world to this day.

Watch Lugano’s mandolin orchestra (Ticino, Switzerland) conducted by Mauro Pacchin perform The Typewriter on YouTube.

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