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Torture & US forces – a very important book

Posted on 14 September 2011 by Alice

Joshua E. S. Phillips has written a very important book – looking at the scale of torture and detainee abuse carried out by US forces in Afghanistan and Iraq.

None of Us

A very important work

I’ve found many books that I’ve read shocking, but this has probably been one of the most shocking, enlightening books I’ve ever read. Read the review I wrote here for Gulf News, along with an interview with the author himself. He spent five years toiling over the book, conducting first-hand interviews with victims, soldiers and officials, almost bankrupting himself.

Not only was (or perhaps is) detainee abuse and torture much more prevalent than just Abu Ghraib – it’s also almost impossible to prove or prosecute.

Ok, so it’s not really bed-time reading, but in the grand scale of things, Jilly Cooper will still be there when you tuck yourself in with a mug of cocoa tomorrow night.

Read this book.


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