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The Best Book Scenes (in films) Ever

Posted on 27 August 2012 by Alice

There are thousands of films and movies adapted from books, but what about books taking the spotlight in films?

Here are some of the best book-related scenes (in films) ever!

Woman is Woman

 ‘Woman is Woman’ – this scene is pure brilliance. Who would have thought you could insult someone using just book covers. Watch the scene here.

Margot at the Wedding

 ‘Margot at the Wedding’ – One of the most excruciating scenes ever, where Margot (Nicole Kidman) is insulted at her own book reading. Watch the scene here.

The Ghost Writer

 ‘The Ghost Writer’ – In one of the cleverest ending scenes ever, Ewan MacGregor discovers secrets hidden in a draft of the PM’s book. Watch an excerpt here.


 ‘Seven’ – Who couldn’t resist the brilliant Morgan Freeman in such a gorgeous library! Check it out here.

Dead Poet’s Society

 ‘Dead Poet’s Society’ – Anyone growing up in the 80s will remember this poignant classic. Here Robin Williams demonstrates how poetry can’t be plotted mathematically on a chart. Excerpt here.

Harry Potter

 ‘Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets’ – Write in a book and it replies! Scary but cool. See it here.

Angels and Demons

 ‘Angels and Demons’ – Tom Hanks eventually gains access to the Vatican archives. I’m jealous! Excerpt here.

Field of Dreams

 ‘Field of Dreams’- Not exactly a book-themed film, but a passionate scene, making a concise argument against book censorship. Excerpt here.

The Remains of the Day

 ‘The Remains of the Day’ – Sexual tension abounds between Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson over a simple query about what he’s reading. A fantastic scene.

Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade

 ‘Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade’ – Books are burning in the background so what does Indiana Jones do? Get Hitler to sign the main key to finding the Holy Grail of course! Scene here.

Fahrenheit 451

 ‘Fahrenheit 451′ – Arguably one of the best literary-themed films ever made, the late Ray Bradbury’s novel ‘Fahrenheit 451′ tells the tale of a society where books are banned. A must watch.

The Book of Eli

 ‘The Book of Eli’ – No prizes for guessing what book is referred to in the title. Superbly made, Denzel Washington leads a fantastic cast to a great ending with a twist. See an excerpt here.

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