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Perspective from a Journalism Intern

Posted on 27 August 2013 by Alice

Last week I guided an intern through the daily workings of my freelance business – through article research, interviewing, writing features and managing time.

Here are her thoughts on the week:

Freelancer Internship

On becoming an intern in the Journalism field and assisting Ms. Alice Johnson, not only have I acquired the skills to write features for articles but also gone through an educational experience which I found quite enjoyable. I have never considered being a journalist but after encountering a week of a freelancer’s insight, it is definitely an interesting job.

Throughout the week I had attended

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multiple meetings at banks (Emirates NBD) and companies who run their own websites or publish the region’s prestigious books (Wamli, Motivate Publishing). I have conducted interviews through e-mails by assigning questions to representatives on the current topic to be written about; I have also attended face to face interviews to know how they work. My first assignment was research on a specific headline which seemed easy until I learnt that there are efficient ways of sourcing out information when it came to writing an article. With Alice’s expertise I slowly began to understand how to apply what is being interpreted through visuals and audio onto paper. An important aspect that is key to accomplishing any project is communication, and this experience taught me how to utilize it for the better.

I have transcribed a couple of taped interviews, which provided me with a better understanding of what the speaker is informing and quoting about a topic. The knowledge gained from these interviews are surprisingly fascinating, to know what others don’t! To be a freelancer/journalist you must be able to process any information that comes you’re way making you a malleable and versatile messenger to the public. Also it shapes you to become an independent and quick thinker which allows you to respond on the spot even if you are unfamiliar to the task at hand. Having deadlines could be stressful, but from what it taught me, was patience and time management because getting the work done is rewarding on its own.

If there were to be improvements it would be practice because these skills are to develop with time; Self-discovery and involvement with society’s events are as significant. I am truly grateful to stumble across an opportunity like this being a fun and great learning experience and would encourage anyone to experience being a freelancer even for a week, it will surprise you. :-)

-Nadeen Ghalwash

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