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Now, where did I put that chapter…

Posted on 13 September 2011 by Alice

Quitting my day job has had one large benefit for the progress of my novel – I’ve now got bags of time to pore over chapters and deliberate about dialogue.

A few things stood in my way, however. Having started this novel around 2001, the chapters, brainstorming and snippets of ideas weren’t actually all in the same place. Some were in these small notebooks that I’d written in on holiday, on the London Underground, on the bus:


Pick a chapter, any chapter.

Other chapters were hidden on floppy discs (remember those?) and on this hulking great lump of a computer:


A museum piece

Hmmmm. So began the long process of trying to sort out firstly where all the chapters were I’d written, and in what order they were supposed to go. Not very organised. Transferring all my Mac chapters onto my laptop was also a bit tedious – formatting issues, gobbledegook (what a brilliant word, by the way!) what looked like Chinese characters showing up at the top of Word documents.

Ho hum.

Right, so after I’d actually found all the chapters I’d already written, I started putting them in order. But where was that chapter that I

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swear I’d written… Losing work, especially creative writing, makes me feel physically sick.

Two weeks later and I’d recovered everything and compiled it all into one document (backed-up, of course). So now I’m ready to carry on with the magnus opus, right?

If only it were that simple…


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