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Is this the best book ever written?

Posted on 22 January 2012 by Alice

The answer, in my opinion, is yes. For the first time in roughly 23 years, I am NOT on a diet. My weight has always gone up and down sporadically, where I’ve put weight on, gone on a diet, lost weight, put it back on again and so tried a different diet.

I believe he can!

Over these 23 years, I’ve tried the following:

* SlimFast milkshake meal replacement (more than once)

* The cabbage-soup diet (recommended for obese patients who need to undergo surgery)

* A zero-fat diet (for

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one year I ate salad)

* Slimming world

* Weight Watchers

* A Ryvita & cottage cheese-based diet

* Detox diets (numerous)

* Smoking to reduce appetite (not a good idea!)

* And simply skipping meals (the worst choice of all of the above).

As a book reviewer I enjoy critiquing plot, structure and overall quality of books and I can definitely say this is the best book I’ve ever read.

Why is this the best book I’ve ever read? I read it two months ago and it’s already changed my life. For the first time

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in 23 years, I’ve released myself from diet-torture hell! Every year, my new year’s resolution was to lose weight and this year, I didn’t have a new year’s resolution for the first time ever.

I’ve lost 5Kg (11lbs) in two months, NOT being on a diet. Who knew it was possible! While I’m not a fan of hypnotism, McKenna’s book is very clever, concise and easy to relate to. His research over a number of years has uncovered the psychology behind overeating and constant dieting and it’s this that

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he addresses.

Firstly he identifies what kind of ‘eater’ you are (e.g. comfort eater) and then shows you four simple rules that aim to retrain the way you eat and re-teach good eating habits. As a habitual dieter, I

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can say this has been the most refreshing, happy, weight loss experience of my life. The book shows you that diets don’t work – and I fully believe that they don’t. I am the proof after all, having been on so many diets and always put weight back on again.

The good thing about McKenna’s four rules is that you don’t realise you’re following them after a while and there are no ‘forbidden’ foods. The other thing I’ve noticed about following McKenna’s rules is that food and eating is no longer an issue for me. I don’t feel guilt about eating and I’m not starving myself in a reckless manner in a desperate attempt to shrink my behind any more.

I now eat whatever I want, and I’m losing weight in the process.

I love this book!

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