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Alice & Scruffy

Alice & Scruffy the Street Cat

Alice has been delivering interactive, educational storytelling sessions at schools around the UAE for more than a year.

Children have been enthralled by Alice’s picture books ‘The Adventures of Scruffy the Street Cat’, which are designed to educate children on safety issues through fun stories.

Inspired by true-life events in the UAE, the stories are entertaining and exciting for children, and also provide a moral message – they’re perfect for giving young minds their first taste of serious moral and safety issues in a light and entertaining way.

Alice has given numerous readings and interactive storytelling sessions around schools in the UAE and is currently searching for a publisher.

Contact Alice to find out how your school can benefit from a ‘Scruffy the Street Cat’ interactive storytelling session.


“Alice Johnson, a news reporter and children’s author, captivated young students at The Winchester School in Dubai during her recent visit when she read two of her new books: “Don’t Play there!”and “Chasing Money” based on the adventures of a loveable cat called Scruffy, who lives on the streets of Dubai. The theme of the first book, “Don’t Play there” is about the dangers of playing on a construction site and the children were very keen to point out various dangers in the illustrations leading to a very relevant discussion on safety. The second book contains a moral message about keeping someone else’s money. These beautifully illustrated books are sure to be a huge success with children living in Dubai and elsewhere with their thought provoking plots based on real-life news stories.”

Anne Morris, Head of English, The Winchester School
Dubai, UAE



Children listen at Raffles International School enjoying the Scruffy reading