Book Editing

“Alice is an experienced editor whose eye for detail is matched by her grasp of the big picture, the flow and shape of the narrative as a whole.”

Alexander McNabb, Author, ‘Olives’.

Calling all authors!

The birth of e-books and the self-publishing revolution has encouraged-out the book in all of us. So how can you make sure your manuscript stands out in the crowd? A full-service professional manuscript critique, all-round edit and proofread will have your novel or work of non-fiction spick and span in no time. Contact me here for a bespoke quote – whether your book needs an overhaul or just a bit of a polish.*

Manuscript Critique

So you’ve finished writing your book and you’re happy with it. But is it really any good? How will your audience accept it?
A manuscript critique will:

  • Determine if your book is ‘readable’
  • Find out if it’s attractive to your target audience
  • Provide constructive criticism about its plot, characterisation, structure and positioning
  • Outline pointers for how the book can be improved, re-structured or amended

Full-service Edit

If you dip in and out of your writing, inconsistencies can become troublesome. Not sure what colour car your lead character drove in Chapter 3? A full-service edit will:

  • Check for consistency in characterisation and plot
  • Analyse the structure of your manuscript overall
  • Identify your audience and suggest plot/characterisation/language amendments
  • Analyse and amend sentence structure
  • Identify text vs dialogue issues and suggest amendments


A full proofread does much more than a spell-check. This service will:

  • Correct those pesky typos
  • Amend misplaced punctuation
  • Check word usage (its or it’s; wear or where?)
  • Ensure grammar is top-notch
  • Align UK or US grammar and spelling

And now for some humour:

Q: How did the novelist comfort the editor?
A: There, they’re, their…

*Alice is a professional freelance book reviewer who has read hundreds of books and manuscripts and regularly edits large volumes of text.