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Bond, James Bond?

Posted on 13 September 2011 by Alice

Bond, James Bond


Colin Firth loves James Bond, but says John Le Carre’s Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy is the ultimate spy story, according to Sky News.

“I speak as a massive Bond fan over the years but I think this shows what it’s like behind the mask and behind the myth.

“I’m certainly complicit in the lighter stuff which doesn’t require much of the audience but I think people do have an appetite for thoughtful stuff and they do want to be tested a little bit.”

In a competition for who’s the most spy, who would win?

I am something of a Bond fan myself… but perhaps that’s due to the mass marketing of Bond films when I was growing up.

Le Carre, John Le Carre – doesn’t really have the same ring, does it?


Bond, James Bond

Bond, James Bond

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