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Back to pencil and paper

Posted on 25 September 2011 by Alice

Small problem. And yes, I know, it was completely my own fault.

I killed my computer.

Ebay CD

Upload this virus. Or.... don't.


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you know you can actually buy virus’ on Ebay, which come with complete instructions on how to upload them to your computer and thus fry your motherboard? Fantastic service, I must say.

Something else that’s fantastic is the IT guy who managed to retrieve all my data – including my book! I have got a back-up somewhere on a USB… but… having the data back from my harddrive and the original book is invaluable.

So, now I’ve got a choice to make – which writing implement shall I use to carry on with my fateful book?

Here are my top choices:

Rudolph pen

Very festive

Swirly pen

Round and round and round

Bling pen

It IS about the price tag

Feline friend


Mr Madeira Pencil

Mr Madeira

One Response to “Back to pencil and paper”

  1. Gwen says:

    I’m ashamed to have to admit it, but a while ago when I had to handwrite an address on an envelope, I got to the end of the first line and thought…

    ‘… okay…. um…. how do I get down to the beginning of the next line…?’

    It HAD been a stressful day at work, but that was an extraordinary moment!