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Art, Design, Culture and Literature Library to open in Dubai

Posted on 22 November 2012 by Alice

Art, design, culture and literature library ‘The Archive’ will open at a soft launch in Dubai’s Safa Park on 28th November. The contemporary library will be dedicated to Middle Eastern and North African art literature and aims to ‘provide a platform to promote a diverse and active cultural community, nurture a new generation’s
interest in literature and education, while at the same time

create a space of intellectual exploration and entertainment.’

The Archive

In a Middle Eastern city where people of various cultures, backgrounds, and ethnicities come together seamlessly in a most modern and interconnected way, Dubai provides the perfect backdrop to experience culturally diverse and intellectually stimulating conversations about art and literature. The
establishment of a dynamic space where such conversations can be held is thus an important and even natural endeavour.

The Archive will be situated in Safa Park, near the entrance of Gate 5 in a former facilities building constructed in 1975 and has been converted by Cultural Engineering.

The Archive supports a dialogue between art literature and its audience further enhancing the cultural landscape of the city,creating a place for families, enthusiasts, patrons and visitors.

Safa Park

The Archive will present an annual programme of activities that revolve around the arts, architecture and literature as well as public art initiatives that aim to develop audience participation.

There will also be a modern cafe with an espresso bar and a programme of activities involving indoor and outdoor activities including football, yoga, boot camps, dance classes, musical performances, book launches, book clubs, artist talks, outdoor film screenings, poetry writing, workshops and lots of children’s events.

The Archive under construction

The Building

The Archive is a one-story building and has been designed as a center for architecture and the community by Japanese interior architect Takeshi Muruyama. It offers a space of 223 square-meters (2,400 square-feet) for the community to come together and discuss creativity, culture, and art.

Facing the building is a lawn outlined by the park’s path that will host The Archive’s annual Architectural Program, upon which a series of interactive architectural pieces will be exhibited every year.

About Cultural Engineering

Cultural Engineering aims to explore, reveal, and introduce the Middle East as an emerging hub for dialogue, expression, ideas, and cultural initiatives. Taking directives from artists, designers, urban planners, architects, songsmiths, and scientists, Cultural Engineering offers a vitalized vision of MENA
(Middle East/North Africa) and supports a wide range of platforms to connect the public with new ideas. Projects include Brownbook, Arab Eastern, Shelter, Shelter Maraya, and The Pavilion.


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