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A literary evening with author Mini Nair

Posted on 26 January 2012 by Alice

I had a wonderful evening last night, at the Emirates Lit Fest’s ‘open door’ event with author Mini Nair. Her book ‘The Fourth Passenger’ is set in Mumbai (where she’s spent lots of time) and is a reference to the crammed conditions on India’s trains. Usually, the train seats are big enough for three, but there’s always a fourth passenger that squeezes themselves on the end of the bench.

Mini Nair onstage with the Consul General of India and LitFest Director Isobel Abulhoul

The Consul General of India moderated the session, which was held in the lovely ‘literary’ square in Bastakiya, next to the

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Lit Fest’s office, Dar Al Adaab. The discussion traversed through the numerous issues still found in Indian society, including the increased rights of middle-class married women (to divorce) – something that’s not replicated in larger strata.

Unbelievably, Nair said she wrote the whole book by hand, with a nice pencil!

An attentive audience member asks questions during the Mini Nair session

One audience member asked Nair if it’s still important for women to have a big wedding.

”You have to have the red, you have to have the gold and the big showy wedding; but this will change” she said.

It’s great to have outdoor events in the Dubai ‘winter’, and it was a nice clear night for a book discussion!

2 Responses to “A literary evening with author Mini Nair”

  1. Mini NAir says:

    Hi Alice,

    It was indeed a nice evening and the ambience was awesome….

    Thanks for speaking with me

  2. liz fenwick says:

    Thanks for the write up…so sad I couldn’t make it last night