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A weird & wonderful collection!

Have you ever collected anything? Perhaps you were a secret stamp, coin or football card collector? Well, you won’t be able to beat the collections of Lorraine Ludman, whose been collecting ‘things’ all her life. She’s now got more than 60 collections, including hamburgers (plastic & tin), newspaper cuttings, cats (13 in total!) and other […] [...more]

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Life as an Expat Column: Dubai’s Work-friendly Spaces

Written for Social Circles By Alice Johnson Taking the plunge into freelancing is a daunting step – suddenly your job security is gone and general contact with the outside world is reduced to nil. But working from home and freelancing does come with generous benefits: you’re in charge of your time and your work is […] [...more]

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Thad Allen: “It’s a leadership challenge, it’s a legal challenge, it’s a policy challenge, it’s a resource challenge”

Published on, 1st February 2012 By Alice Johnson Thad W. Allen, senior vice president at Booz Allen Hamilton, recently retired from the United States Coast Guard. As the 23rd Commandant of the US Coast Guard, Admiral Allen was selected by President George W. Bush to lead the response to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita as […] [...more]

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