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An Emirati children’s book author talks about the importance of supporting literacy

By Alice Johnson Published in The National, 30 January, 2012 The Sharjah-born writer Nadia Saleem Al Kalbani decided from the beginning of her career that her children’s book characters would display human emotions. Existing children’s books place too much emphasis on “direct advice and educational direction”, she said. “I love honesty in writing and I […] [...more]

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A literary evening with author Mini Nair

I had a wonderful evening last night, at the Emirates Lit Fest’s ‘open door’ event with author Mini Nair. Her book ‘The Fourth Passenger’ is set in Mumbai (where she’s spent lots of time) and is a reference to the crammed conditions on India’s trains. Usually, the train seats are big enough for three, but […] [...more]

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Emirates Lit Fest – the 1st three years


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Is this the best book ever written?

The answer, in my opinion, is yes. For the first time in roughly 23 years, I am NOT on a diet. My weight has always gone up and down sporadically, where I’ve put weight on, gone on a diet, lost weight, put it back on again and so tried a different diet. Over these 23 […] [...more]

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Author Amanda Hocking’s novel experiment comes to an end

By Alice Johnson Published in The National, Jan 13, 2012 The vanity press of the past existed for rich, fame-seeking aristocracy who wrote and wanted to see their name in print. Today, that’s been replaced by the self-publishing phenomenon, facilitated by the technological revolution and the advent of e-books. After the credit crunch hit publishing […] [...more]

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Things I saw in 2011

Things I saw in 2011: The sunrise Millions of words My niece become a toddler The Queen of England A lot of sand Some very good live music by local musicians Art My father walk again – he broke both his legs in a car accident The Eiger Coldplay Quite a few Tweets Sheikh Mohammed, […] [...more]

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