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Now, where did I put that chapter…

Quitting my day job has had one large benefit for the progress of my novel – I’ve now got bags of time to pore over chapters and deliberate about dialogue. A few things stood in my way, however. Having started this novel around 2001, the chapters, brainstorming and snippets of ideas weren’t actually all in […] [...more]

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Have you read any titles on the Booker shortlist?

It’s probably every writer’s dream – to be shortlisted on an award like the Man Booker Prize. But have you read any of the titles on this year’s shortlist? I’m ashamed to say I haven’t! I’d better get reading. It’s a trip to the bookshop for me, what a shame! Here, courtesy of the Man […] [...more]

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Shocking illiteracy stats

UNESCO’s Institute for Statistics released some shocking statistics recently: 793 million adults – most of them girls and women – are illiterate. I can’t imagine not being able to read. The stats also state that another 67 million children of primary school age don’t go to school Well and, sights gotten. Friend Decided Your […] [...more]

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I’m feeling so existential right now

existentialism noun philosophical theory emphasising existence of individual as free and self-determining agent. existentialist adjective & noun.* Is Albert Camus’ L’etranger (The Stranger) the ultimate existentialist novel? Flavorwire has posted a nice gallery of existential classics, from Kafka to Hamlet. Kafka’s The Trial is at number 5. My copy even has a quote from Albert […] [...more]

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Quitting my job… to write a book.

I’ve just taken one giant step… not really for mankind, but definitely for me. Two weeks ago I left a well-paid job at a daily newspaper to finish writing my first crime novel. I started writing the book about eight years ago just for fun – it was really a story that just became longer […] [...more]

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